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Transform Business Decisions with Advanced Analytics

With growing demand for insights across all business units, enabling every employee to make data-driven decisions and solve problems closest to them is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

More companies are prioritizing the democratization of data as they recognize that speed to data insight and decision making is now business critical.

Watch this Alter.Next virtual summit on-demand to learn how to leverage advanced analytics to transform business decisions. In this summit, you will:

  • Discover how to achieve higher ROI by aligning analytics investments with data literacy upskilling
  • Learn how advanced, self-service analytics give every employee the power to act on data-driven insights
  • Hear how leading organizations like Ryan LLC are savings millions by upskilling line-of-business workers with easy-to-learn advanced analytics tools

Plus, founder of the Huff Post, Arianna Huffington discusses how businesses can leverage technology to prevent workplace burnout.



Session 1: Keynote Session | 15 min

Session Title: Maximize Business Outcomes with Intelligent Decisions

Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, LLC

Session 2: Customer Session | 12 min

Session Title: The Machine Learning Journey at Ryan LLC

Mark Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Innovation, Ryan LLC

Session 3: Featured Speaker | 20 min

Session Title: Leveraging Technology in the Burnout Epidemic

Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder Huff Post

Session 4: Partner Session | 10 min

Session Title: AmerisourceBergen: Building a smarter, data-driven sales engine

Silas Fisher, Partner at PwC


Meet Our Speakers

Arianna Huffington

Founder, Huffington Post

Paula Hansen

President & Chief Revenue Officer, Alteryx

Howard Dresner

Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services, LLC

Ronald van Loon

Principal Analyst, CEO, Intelligent World

Heather Harris

Field Chief Data Analytics Officer, Alteryx

Mark Rodriguez

Senior Manager, Innovation, Ryan LLC

Asa Whillock

VP and General Manager, Machine Learning, Alteryx

Silas Fisher

Partner at PwC

Rick Jean

Partner at PwC

Julie Tourre

Vice President Partners, Alteryx


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