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Breaking The (Supply) Chain: Analytical Hurdles of Safety Stock Optimization

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If you’re like most supply chain professionals, you struggle with inventory management and optimization. You often wonder why you have so much inventory (safety stock, cycle stock, in-transit) and what you should do with it all — which begs the question, what parts of the supply chain machine are causing these inefficiencies and inconsistencies?

Watch this webinar by Amway's senior business intelligence analyst, Casey Koopmans, as he shares how his team uses analytics to create resiliency within their supply chain. With advanced analytics, Casey and his team can strategically reduce safety stock and identify which items at which locations and times are at the highest risk of stockout.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Connect all your data in one place + store millions of records efficiently to up-level your analytics
  • Automate your inventory management process with Analytic Process Automation, saving time and money
  • Predict and plan for product stockouts to meet consumer demand

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your inventory management. Watch now.


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