Annie Duke

Embracing Uncertainty: Decisions and Analytics with Annie Duke

Annie Duke

Working for an organization means making decisions: new products, new markets, acquisitions. But without an official decision-making process, you could be missing out on rewarding outcomes.

The most successful decisions combine your hard-won human expertise with data and analytics—like a poker player. And that’s exactly where our guest can help.

Tune in as strategist Annie Duke, bestselling author of Thinking in Bets and former poker world champion, reveals how to decide based on facts, not gut feelings. Learn the surprising power of saying:

  • “I don’t know”: Use uncertainty to your advantage
  • “It’s quitting time”: Understand when to end or pivot a project
  • “Let’s check the big picture”: Look beyond the short-term numbers

Plus, get six steps to better decision-making.

Meet Our Speakers

Annie Duke headshot

Annie Duke

Author, Speaker, Decision Strategist, Former Professional Poker Player

Stephen Archut Speaking

Stephen Archut

Director of Solutions Marketing


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