Exploring the State of Analytics 2023

With TDWI, Alteryx, SAP, & Pythian

Analytics is a core decision support tool in modern organizations. It can provide tangible benefits such as deeper insights, increased productivity, improved customer service, improved operational efficiencies that drive cost savings, and top-line growth that delivers higher profits. For innovative companies, analytics can drive new products and services. It can also provide an important competitive advantage.

To maximize the return from their investments in analytics, organizations are evolving beyond traditional approaches such as spreadsheets, query tools, and reporting applications. Many are moving to deploy machine learning, natural language processing, generative AI, and other advanced analytics applications. Many are looking to data discovery approaches to find insights within their data. Many seek self-service analytics capabilities to democratize access to and use of this technology.

Hear from TDWI’s James Kobielus, Alteryx, SAP, and Pythian as they discuss the results of TDWI most recent State of Analytics research study. Topics include:

  • The current maturity of enterprise analytics practices
  • The adoption of analytics in decision support, business intelligence, process management, and other key enterprise applications
  • The extent to which organizations are deploying modern platforms, tools, and architectures in support of established and emerging analytics use cases
  • The challenges that organizations are facing in extracting maximum business value from analytics
  • The extent to which organizations have implemented robust data and model governance, security, privacy, and ethics in their analytics practices

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