Forecast and Meet Consumer Demand with Predictive Analytics

The pandemic changed everything we know about supply chains. Everyday staples suddenly became impossible to come by. Consumer demand for almost any out-of-home activity like travel or restaurants took a nosedive. For others, like toilet paper and home exercise equipment, it soared.
And no one saw any of that coming — or did they?

During all the chaos, two companies with key pandemic responsibilities somehow managed to plan ahead. One firm ensured that our communities had early access to personal protective equipment (PPE), while the other makes life-saving equipment for our first responders.

In this on demand webinar, meet executives from both, as they reveal how to:

  • Meet consumer demand, using only raw materials in ultra-short supply
  • Deliver accurate forecasts, even when they’re based on thousands of SKUs
  • Improve from manual, backward looking spreadsheets to true predictive analytics—in months, not years

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