How Anyone Can Build Machine Learning Models on Snowflake Data – Without Writing Code

Many organizations have mountains of unused data stored in Snowflake, which may contain treasure troves of valuable insights, but require certain resources to unlock its full potential. Alteryx believes everyone in an organization should be able to access and utilize data and analytics – regardless of department, role, skillset, or location. This Season of DIY Data will cover 4 unique products in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform suite that can help you leverage the power of your data in Snowflake.

Episode 2: Alteryx Machine Learning: How Anyone Can Build Machine Learning Models on Snowflake Data…Without Writing Code

In this episode of DIY Data, we build on the data preparation and pipelining knowledge from the previous episode to create machine learning models. We walk through why the combination of Snowflake and Alteryx Machine Learning brings both the data and the models to the business user, empowering all roles to upskill and build powerful models.

In a demo, Vishal Soni, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, shows how you can easily identify trends and patterns, continuous algorithm improvement for smarter, faster, decision making – and of course, all without writing code.


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