How QEL Implemented an Agile Data Preparation and Reporting Platform

Insurance Demands a New Approach to Data Preparation and Reporting

As an insurance professional, you may have found it difficult to consolidate, dirty and complex data for monthly reporting. You may have even used manual approaches causing downstream reporting issues and human error. Organisations that have achieved success in more quickly leveraging complex data (such as bordereau datasets) are those that have embraced new approaches to data preparation and reporting.

With quicker data preparation and ability to visualise operational and reporting metrics, QEL, a major global insurance provider, found new levels of efficiency and have empowered the business to collaborate through interactive dashboarding. As a result, have reduced operational costs allowing business users to dedicate more time to generating useful insight for better decision making.

Listen to this webinar to hear from Ludovic Veale, Director of Analytics at Charles Taylor and Jurriaan de Vries, Operations Manager at QEL and how they developed an agile, future proof reporting platform using Charles Taylor InsureTech, Trifacta and PowerBI.