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The Kickoff: Soccer and Analytics

Join us as we take a riveting in-depth look at what analytics have to tell us about the upcoming football playoff.

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Every four years, the world’s top football teams battle in an all-out, no-holds-barred international playoff series — and they’ll do it again in 2022.

What’s one thing that is true in football and true in business? The key to the future is uncovering the past. The first football championship happened way back in 1930, and the history books have a lot to tell us about who won and why.

Watch as we take a riveting in-depth look at what analytics have to tell us about the upcoming football playoffs, including:

  • The best teams in the history of the championship, and what made them great
  • Insider-level stats and analyses, with graphs to break down the finals — including number of goals and more
  • A deeper look at individual players as we search for the next superstar

Meet our Speakers

Portrait of Monica Cisneros

Monica Cisneros

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


William Davis

William Davis

Senior Sales Engineer


Apr 5 - 12
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