Predictive Analytics Made Practical

Predictive Analytics. Artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning. They’re trending for a reason. But to succeed, they require organizational and strategic infrastructure — a step that shouldn’t be glossed over.

You can build a business culture that lays the groundwork for predictive and prescriptive analytics to add value. This whitepaper provides a clear road map, including:

  • Four principles to becoming an AI-driven organization, from processes and scalability to change management
  • Three keys to putting predictive analytics to work for your organization
  • How two organizations use AI to understand their investments and drive growth in sales and marketing
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IDC Survey Spotlight: Finance and Accounting Digital Transformation Use Cases

Get insights from IDC Survey Spotlight: Finance and Accounting Digital Transformation Use Cases. See how 14 finance and accounting BPO service providers are using advanced technology

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Accounting Brief

Driving general accounting from consolidated visibility to real time analysis

Financial Services: Banking
Financial Services: Insurance
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Alteryx for State and Local Government Financial Organizations

Drive efficiency and accuracy for Audit, Tax, FP&A, Accounting, and Treasury.

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