Data Profiling

Sound insights begin with healthy data.

Create Analytic Datasets at the Speed of Thought

Do you know if your data is statistically sound and ready for analysis? With complete data profiling capabilities built into its data preparation and blending process, Alteryx enables analysts and business users to instantly assess the statistical health, completeness, and quality of a dataset, and enrich or blend in supplemental data to make it analytics-ready.


Quickly Assess whether Your Data is Analytics-Ready

Time spent in data preparation isn’t the whole story. It means hours spent ensuring it’s statistically complete to enable make sound conclusions. Alteryx empowers data workers and analysts to independently assess the health of a data set while they work on it.

  • Data profiling visualizations: Field-level bar charts, scatterplots, and colorizations provide a view of statistical distribution of values and segmentation based on quality and issues
  • Visually assess data health: See the statistical distribution of the dataset as well as a grading of data completeness in each column
  • Identify granular data issues: See profiling graphs showing data quality of each column based on different data types


Apply Detailed Data Profiling Power

Alteryx data profiling provides specific statistics based on individual fields in your data, based on their data types, no matter where you’re flowing data from. Understand the cleanliness and quality of your string values, such as number of nulls or non-standard strings, or assess the goodness of your numeric values.

  • String health assessment: Indicate distribution of string values with issues like leading or trailing whitespaces, unique values, nulls, average, and longest and shortest lengths
  • Numeric health assessment: See average, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, variances, and percentile groupings of numeric values
  • Profile any data: Profile date from data warehouses, cloud apps, spreadsheets, and other sources, all in Alteryx Designer


Utilize Enrichment and Data-Quality Tooling

Knowing that you’ve got work to do to improve your data quality needn’t mean going back to square one. Alteryx provides the data manipulation, matching, and incorporation of third-party data you need to improve your data health.

  • Improve quality: More than 45 tools like find and replace, appending, impute values, parsing, matching, and more let you scrub and cleanse data
  • Fuzzy matching: Easily isolate and manage non-identical duplicates based on adjustable parameters
  • Upgrade data: Add in supplemental or third-party data sets such as data from Experian, TomTom, or the U.S. Census to add more spatial or demographic fields and values

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