In-Database Processing

Finally, intuitive data preparation that doesn’t sacrifice in-database processing power.

Visual Data Preparation Meets In-Database Performance

Preparing the largest data sets means utilizing every ounce of your database’s native intelligence. Alteryx automatically creates native database-specific queries that apply filters, formulas, and more to your database investments to maximize preparation performance — without requiring coding or specific expertise. Finally, intuitive data preparation that doesn’t require sacrificing in-database processing power.

In-Database Blending for Big Data Preparation


Data Preparation at Scale

Analyzing customers, inventory, transactions, or sales data is better in place. In-database processing for data preparation enables you to prepare more data — and cut time spent coding or waiting for processing.

  • Work with large data sets easily: Apply more of the data preparation processing at the database level to create efficient extracts
  • Code-free scalability: Built-in database intelligence creates queries that take advantage of your database functionality without requiring hand-coded queries to scale up
  • Blend in-database processing into broader workflows: Easily apply in-database processing and flow the results into downstream workflows and analysis


Native Processing Across Your Database Assets

Alteryx pushes down data preparation queries to a broad range of relational, columnar, NoSQL, and Hadoop databases, so you can combine preparation speed with database power across your landscape.

  • Comprehensive support: Works with Amazon Redshift, Apache Hive, Cloudera Impala, Microsoft (Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Database, SQL Server), SAP HANA, IBM Netezza, Teradata, Spark, Oracle, and more
  • In-database processing logic: Select, Filter, Formula, and Summarize operations enable maximum data preparation processing where the data lies
  • Stream in additional data: Visual Stream, Join, and Union in-database tools make it simple to import and join external data


Scale Up Data Preparation With In-Database Processing

Getting the most out of your database’s native power needn’t require hand-crafted SQL, HQL, or other technical database queries ― so more of your analysts can confidently prepare bigger datasets.

  • Empower analysts and business users: Visual in-database tools enable analysts to work with large data sets, without requiring IT or technical staff
  • Drag and drop ease of use: Create workflows that use in-database processing via Alteryx Designer’s intuitive, drag-and-drop environment
  • Complete visually composed queries: A complete suite of intuitive, visual components instantly turn clicks into native, optimized database queries

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