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Customer Story

Zurich Insurance Automates Analytics and Reporting Processes with Alteryx

Zurich Insurance Key Stats

Industry: Insurance

Department: Analytics

Region: Global (APAC)

Products: Designer, Server, Auto Insights, Intelligence Suite



Founded as a marine insurer in Switzerland in 1872, Zurich Insurance is now a leading multi-line insurance company serving customers in more than 200 countries. In addition to providing traditional insurance protection, Zurich is expanding into prevention services such as climate resistance and well-being.

As the company grows, so does its use of advanced analytics to create more value for customers. Zurich Australia, a local arm of the global company, uses products like Alteryx to analyze large volumes of risk, claims, financial data and more.

Before adopting Alteryx, the data and analytics team at Zurich was using dated technology that lacked the consistency, transparency and visibility they needed to improve decision-making.

The team is now using Alteryx to automate nearly everything in the data lifecycle, from customer analytics to financial processes and reporting. “It’s transparency which leads to governance which leads to trust,” says Phil Gould, Head of Analytics at Zurich Australia. “That’s ticking all of the boxes for me as head of analytics.”

Alteryx is doing more than accelerating insights into risk and improving customer service. Internally, the self-serve analytics platform enables Zurich Insurance to maximize the value of its employees who can spend more time on value-add activities.

The team uses a suite of Alteryx products, including AI-powered Auto Insights, “We use Auto Insights to enable our business to access and analyze data in a much more structured, safe and governed way,” said John Kim, Chief Data Officer at Zurich Australia.


When asked what advice they would give to anyone considering Alteryx, John says “I’d tell everyone to just give it a go. You’ll find value in it from day one.”


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