State & Local Government

Combine, share, and analyze government data to make smarter decisions for citizens, stakeholders, and local communities.


Accelerate Critical Services and Outcomes

Manual processes and a lack of analytic resources are holding your agency back from achieving mission-critical outcomes. Harness your data and empower your team to uncover actionable insights in a fraction of the time with 300+ drag-and-drop analytics automation tools. With Alteryx, you can:

Accelerate service delivery and help those in need by predicting service demands.

Monitor population health and optimize crisis response.

Forecast future tax revenues.

Optimize policy development and enhance human services.


Access data anywhere

Securely access and combine data across all sources and business applications to align your data strategy with your existing architecture.

Automate prep and blend

Access 300+ drag-and-drop tools to empower your analysts to prepare & blend data up to 100x faster than traditional solutions.

Harness geospatial intelligence

Optimize supply chains, improve disaster relief, and more with easy-to-use spatial analytics.

Build predictive models

Predict and prepare for the impact of changing dynamics, demographics, economic conditions, and workforce needs.


Enhance Data Quality and Maturity

Speed up decision-making across teams with secure access to all your data sources. With our easy-to-use analytics automation platform, you can enhance data quality while facilitating smooth teamwork across hybrid and cloud-based workflows.


Safeguard Your Data

Define and implement data access protocols to securely handle and share sensitive information, all in compliance with regulatory standards. We provide audit trails and documentation tools, allowing you to trace data origins and prove adherence to data handling laws.


Forecast Scenarios and Outcomes

Quickly and easily perform statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data mining using a simple drag-and-drop approach, bypassing the need for in-depth coding or technical know-how. Our platform empowers you to uncover trends and forecast future events, fast-tracking your objectives.


Do More with Less

Amid growing budget constraints, organizations like yours must maximize efficiency. Our platform can help data workers of all roles and skill levels swiftly transform data into insights, uncovering answers in minutes — not days — thanks to an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


Promote Responsible Analytics and AI

Data privacy, fairness, and equity are essential for all agencies and organizations. Through careful collaboration with government bodies, we’ve designed an AI framework focused on responsible data usage, mitigating risks while nurturing innovation.



Public and Government Health

Defense and Intelligence Operations

Finance, Tax, and Revenue Management


Public Infrastructure, Utilities, and Transportation

Human Services

Public Safety and Criminal Justice


Tap Into Your Government Data

As data’s complexity has exploded, so have expectations for public services and return on taxpayers’ investments. Maximize your data’s value and meet critical needs with analysys

1.1M test results

processed to improve public health insights.

30% increase

in audit effectiveness in investigations.

2M+ applications

processed in days, overcoming a massive backlog.

124% more efficient

operations across ports, including accelerated cost recovery.

Alteryx is the 'secret decoder ring' that enables the team to understand the data and key to the information they need.

Kaitlin Bitler, Audit Coordinator

State of South Dakota

We did a lot of different things with Alteryx, but once we built [a workflow] in Alteryx, we could recreate them using automated business processes. Alteryx was key to moving all those different data sources together and then getting the workflows finely tuned.

Dr. Matthew McCarville, Former CDO

State of Florida