Drive Innovation with Better Customer Insights

While change is a factor for most industries, few would argue its constant presence in technology. Consumers continue to push tech companies to develop products, services, and apps that are newer, faster, and smarter. This demand is not only driving product innovation and sales, it is also resulting in increasing start-up activity, mergers and acquisitions, and a race to create the “next big thing.”

To better understand customer preferences, improve loyalty, make strategic R and D investments, and determine financial viability of the “next big thing,” data analysts in technology companies need the ability to prep, blend, and analyze sales, marketing, finance, and operations data, without waiting on IT or specialized programmers.


With self-service data analytics from Alteryx, you can:

  • Prep, blend, and analyze survey research data, social media reviews, and other customer feedback to add new product features and speed up product development
  • Identify new revenue opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell based on customer segmentation
  • Analyze operational data, machine and part failures, quality issues, and yield rates to optimize production performance
  • Create customer profiles based on transactional, demographic, and third-party data to efficiently allocate marketing dollars across advertising channels
  • Perform spatial analyses to determine the impact of new distributor or reseller locations based on drive time, trade area demographics, and population trends
  • Analyze financial performance across product lines, divisions or channels to make strategic investment or divestiture decisions

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