Transportation + Logistics

Increase Efficiencies for Route and Fleet Management

Transportation and logistics companies face a number of challenges, including moving a diversified portfolio of goods to an ever-expanding marketplace, fluctuating fuel and fleet costs, global infrastructure, and the constant consumer expectation to transport items faster and more transparently.

All of these challenges significantly impact a company’s ability to be competitive, and data they collect can help address the challenges. The problem is that the data resides in silos across the organization: customer usage and purchase data in sales and marketing systems; vehicle and transit data in operations databases; and pricing and leasing quotes in Excel spreadsheets, all saved on individual PCs.


With self-service data analytics from Alteryx, you can:

  • Maximize route operations to most efficiently transport goods and services from point A to point B
  • Determine the characteristics of your best drivers, then recruit new drivers with similar characteristics
  • Analyze accident data to pinpoint or predict attributes that are likely to indicate an accident waiting to happen
  • Predict part failures and determine root cause of failures to proactively replace parts and minimize vehicle down time
  • Minimize fuel costs and maximize load capacity to improve profit margins
  • Identify empty containers or vehicles, allowing account managers to offer compelling pricing for local customers
  • Calculate the ideal pricing structure for transport
  • Determine the route and sequence of stops to deliver goods fastest

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