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The SparkED education program provides you with a comprehensive teaching and learning program, including a free 1-year renewable Designer license, making it incredibly easy to bring data analytics into your courses and classroom projects. Craft lesson plans that engage your students with real-world tools to solve business issues. Next, they can leverage our Job Board

Here is the formula for success, for you and your students:



The thrill of solving is spreading throughout universities and colleges around the world. With data science and analytics as one of the hottest, most in-demand skills for employers, you are providing your students with a huge advantage.

Educators and students love Alteryx software because they can connect to and cleanse data from public data sets, cloud apps, social media, spreadsheets, and other sources, then easily merge this data and perform analytics ― predictive, statistical, and spatial ― in a code-free, code-friendly environment.



You can incorporate Alteryx SparkED into your curriculum across departments. Here are some examples:


Finance + Accounting

Big Data and Predictive Analytics



Industrial Engineering, Transportation


Computer Science

Data Science, Data Analysis and Visualization, Machine Learning, Programming, Cloud Computing, Data Mining


Data Analytics

Econometrics, Statistics, Probability Theory and Applications, Process and Management, Management Analysis, Managerial Economics, Data Visualization, Big Social Data Analytics



Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Science



Business Administration, Marketing, Supply Chain, Policy Evaluations, Enterprise Services, Management Information Systems, Business Management, Business Analytics, Predictive + Prescriptive Analysis, Spatial, Social Media Analytics



Quantitative Ecology, Psychology, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, Agribusiness, Energy Demand, Energy and Environmental Economics, Social Media Analytics, Sports Analytics, Social Science


Apply For Your Free Alteryx Designer License

If you’re an active professor or instructor, you WILL get:

A free, full Alteryx Designer educational license for Windows (runs on OSX via Bootcamp or virtual machine-like parallels) for teaching and classroom activities, resources on how to incorporate SparkED learning modules into your curriculum, and access to the global Alteryx Community with real-world workflows and analytics templates.

Your students can receive a free Alteryx Designer license too!


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If you have questions about the Alteryx SparkED education program, our team can help.  Please contact us at [email protected], and we will be in touch with you soon.


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