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Use Case

Customer Journey Analytics

colleagues white-boarding

Business Problem

You may interact with your customers in plenty of virtual and physical ways, but are you meeting them on their level? Marketing and sales departments are geared to think at the level of the customer, the interaction, or the product, but your customers think at the level of experiences. How can you overcome that disconnect and meet your customers on their individual journey? Smart companies strive to understand interactions through their customers’ eyes so that they don’t lose sales to competitors. They figure out the most important things to measure for each journey then develop customer-centric metrics and arrive at new customer insights through journey-specific analytics.

Analytics Solution

Understanding the customer journey starts with creating a Journey Analytic Record. The record includes interactions from all channels and silos in time sequence, with logic applied to categorize journey types according to start- and endpoints. Journey visualizations based on Tableau use high-level KPI dashboards that reflect how your company’s interactions, like customer service and agent performance, look to your customers.

With Alteryx you can cleanse and blend data from all sources and introduce logical business rules that match interactions with points on the journey. Extract data into journey groups for Tableau visualizations, then automate the process to deliver real-time updates to stakeholders.

We’re using Alteryx to pull all of the raw data from our customer touchpoints, centralize it into our analytics database, and tap into insights on what’s happening across different channels to get a complete view of our customer.

Customer Success Stories

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