Consumerization of Big Data Analytics

Consumerization of Big Data Analytics

Big Data has to have big value. Alteryx believes that relying on specialist tools or custom projects will not deliver the full potential of Big Data. With Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.0, puts the value of any data and sophisticated analytics into the hands of business decision makers today, not when long integration projects or complex statistics scripting is complete.

The Alteryx Analytics Gallery makes the consumption of sophisticated analytics a social and engaging experience for every business decision maker

Alteryx makes Big Data analytics more human through:

  • Delivering a public cloud, social experience for decision makers to run and share analytic applications, improving their self sufficiency and decision making
  • Injecting Big Data such as web, social and machine driven data into strategic decisions without waiting for infrastructure build-out
  • Taking advantage of Big Data by making the power of predictive analytics available to everyone, improving decision making for all

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