Alteryx Connect 

Save, search, and access every asset in one place

Find approved assets and save time by leveraging the analytic work of others. Alteryx Connect helps you collaborate across departments and keeps all your assets, workflows, apps, and more governed and organized.

Catalog Assets and Collaborate 

Alteryx Connect changes how organizations discover, govern, and collaborate across data and analytic assets. A powerful data catalog combined with advanced analytics empowers everyone to quickly find, manage, understand, and collaborate across departments and the organization.
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Find Insights and Track Lineage 

Better data means better results. Use powerful search capabilities to find and reuse information contained in data files, databases, visualizations, dashboards, workflows, analytic apps, and more. Automatically capture and visualize data lineage between assets, improving the overall quality and reliability of shared information between data, process, and people. 

Search and Access Trusted Content

Reduce the time spent searching for data and assets by accessing trusted and curated data sources. Create a common repository for everyone to find, share, and collaborate on data and analytics. Integrate the governed analytics catalog within Alteryx Designer to put the best data sources at your analysts' fingertips. 

Maintain Context Across Your Teams

Use Alteryx Connect as an enterprise business glossary to capture the context and meaning of key terms, processes, and analytics with a common vocabulary. Direct everyone in your organization to a common place to find, share, and collaborate on data, plus minimize duplication of effort. 
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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The Work Continues: Reflections on Martin Luther King Jr.’s 94th Birthday

Martin Luther King Jr. was a paragon of civil rights activism and a loyal defender of human liberty. On his 94th birthday, we spoke with Alteryx’s Chief People Officer, Doniel Sutton, about Dr. King’s enduring legacy and its importance today.

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Introducing Alteryx Machine Learning Time Series Enhancements

Alteryx is excited to announce the latest release for Alteryx Machine Learning. This release comes with exciting new Time Series enhancements.

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Alteryx Governance & CoE Setup

A tiger team was brought in to develop frameworks for Governance, Best Practices Compliance, and Economy of Scale to meet IT governance standards. With Alteryx, this team realized efficiency gains in operations, enhanced ability to scale, and reduced time to insight.

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