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You've invested a fortune to have the fastest, most reliable wireless network in your market, including upgrades to reduce dropped calls, speed-up connections and improve the customer experience. Now you want to roll out 4G to expand your service area and grow your customer base. But how do you prioritize these network investments? Which investments have the most effect on your most profitable customers? And which new markets have the most potential?

Alteryx enables you to answer these critical questions by combining geographic technical data, such as RF network plans and drive test coverage data, with non-spatial business data, including customer support call history and billing records. Analytic apps from the Communications District in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery help get you up and running quickly so you can implement customer experience management programs to drive down churn rates, as well as proactively identify coverage gaps where your best customers travel. Armed with this insight, you can grow business within your current markets, as well as discover new opportunities elsewhere and seize them before your competition.

Alteryx enables you to:

  • Define your 4G network deployment plans based on where your highest-value customers live and work
  • Acquire new customers with targeted marketing campaigns based on demographic data and competitive contract status
  • Decrease customer churn by taking all customer interaction with your service into account and identifying at-risk customers
  • Solve customer experience issues faster by proactively identifying potential network problems
  • Evaluate merger and acquisition targets and competitive threats to determine strategic impact to your embedded network
  • Identify optimal locations for retail locations, and assess the performance of each store and its products

Wireless Analytic Apps from Alteryx Analytics Gallery

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