Hyper Anna Is Now Alteryx Auto Insights

Data to Insight in One Best-In-Class Platform

The Fastest Way to Explore Data

Alteryx Auto Insights discovers and creates insights automatically using existing Alteryx workflows. It illuminates hidden data to accelerate speed-to-insight across your business.

Ask Questions. Get Insights

Type in a question and let Auto Insights do the rest. Quickly answer questions about numbers and reports as they arise in meetings and back them up with evidence from data-led insights.
Data Science and Machine Learning

Get Personalized Data Stories

Uncover trends, outliers, and business opportunities in your data. Use automated insights to paint a clear picture of which factors are contributing to changes in your business.

Scale To Your Data Needs

Connect new data sources and explore them for insights in minutes. There’s no need for coding or building new workflows. Auto Insights works with Designer Desktop, Server, and Cloud. 
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Service and Support Operations Automated Insights

Give customer service teams fast and actionable insights and close every experience gap

Alteryx Auto Insights
Customer Success
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Sales Operations and Reporting

Give sales teams fast and actionable insights and close every sales gap

Alteryx Auto Insights
Sales and Service
Efficiency Gains
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Bill Reporting

Give finance teams fast and actionable insights and minimize mundane bill reporting

Alteryx Auto Insights
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