Bertrand Cariou

Account Executive, Alteryx

Bertrand Cariou, a former employee of Alteryx, served as the Senior Director of Solutions and Partner Marketing at Trifacta. With over 25 years of experience in the computing and data management sector, Bertrand's career encompassed diverse roles spanning engineering, consulting, product management, and product marketing. After dedicating 15 years to the largest independent software vendor in data management, where he eventually spearheaded their big data lake strategy, Bertrand transitioned to Trifacta. His responsibilities involved overseeing solutions and partner marketing, focusing on translating and advocating for the utilization of Trifacta within innovative Big Data vertical and horizontal initiatives.

Technology May 7, 2021
The Road to Data Preparation
Why should I adopt a new approach when there are already plenty of ways to clean and transform data? Is learning a new approach worth the ti...
Technology Apr 16, 2021
Impala Hadoop
Impala Hadoop setup uses distributed queries to pull, transform, and analyze big data. Firms can scale to enterprise-level analytics, while ...
Technology Apr 15, 2021
Automate Data Preparation from Salesforce to Redshift
With Alteryx Designer Cloud, users are only clicks away from storing clean and enriched data from Salesforce to Redshift for reporting. Make...
Technology Apr 7, 2021
Blazingly fast execution with BigQuery Pushdown for Google Cloud Dataprep
Discover how Dataprep intelligently “pushes-down” the transformation logic to the source database to improving performance.
Technology Apr 7, 2021
Which edition of Google Cloud Dataprep would you use?
Dive deep into each edition of the pricing model to help you pick the right edition that will meet your requirements to wrangle your data.
Technology Apr 2, 2021
Blueprint to Implement a Survey Data Warehouse Solution on Google Cloud
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Technology Mar 5, 2021
JSON to Array
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Strategy Dec 21, 2020
Setting Up Data Quality Monitoring For Cloud Dataprep Pipelines
Build a simple, flexible, yet comprehensive Data Quality monitoring solution for your Google Cloud Dataprep pipelines with Cloud Functions, ...
Technology Dec 21, 2020
What Is ETL? ETL vs. ELT vs. Data Wrangling in the Cloud
Is ETL dead? How does ETL vs. ELT stack up? Learn about the shift from traditional ETL to data wrangling in the cloud to explore next-gen ET...
Technology Dec 17, 2020
Monitoring Data Quality Trends with Cloud Dataprep and Data Studio
Automatic data quality assessment is a Cloud Dataprep user favorite. Give your eyes a rest from combing through data.
Technology Dec 8, 2020
Orchestrate Your Data Pipelines on Designer Cloud Using Plans
Why create a plan? The short answer is to operationalize and automate your data pipelines on Trifacta.
Technology Nov 15, 2020
Structured vs. Unstructured Data: What’s the Difference?
What is unstructured data? Structured? Semi structured? Structured and unstructured data affects data analysis. Learn about structured vs. u...
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