Location Intelligence: Charting a Path to Spatial Analytics

Technology   |   Andy MacIsaac   |   May 30, 2023

Location intelligence has become an irreplaceable part of modern business intelligence. It can help organizations discover new growth opportunities, accelerate planning, and optimize logistics and supply chains — it can even help businesses outmaneuver competitors. By understanding where different competitors are located and what activities they’re engaging in, businesses can gain insights into competitors’ strategies and operations (and act accordingly).

Location intelligence isn’t just reserved for the private sector either. Government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic drove a significant need for spatial analysis around outbreak tracking and supply chain resiliency. Likewise, governments worldwide have invested in developing space and airborne surveillance systems to improve national, regional, and global emergency response capabilities and to promote safety and well-being.

However, typical GIS (geographic information system) solutions are notoriously inaccessible for analysts and everyday users. Not only are they incredibly expensive, but most also require specialized training and licenses. And the siloed processes that underpin most GIS analytics require complex integrations before teams can collaborate.

At Alteryx, we believe everyone in the organization should be able to access and utilize data and spatial analytics, regardless of department, role, skillset, or location. That’s why we’re excited to announce Alteryx Location Intelligence.

Alteryx Location Intelligence

Alteryx Location Intelligence democratizes geospatial analytics, enabling anyone and everyone to make intelligent location-based decisions. Our unified, map-based solution provides an easy-to-use interface to create location-based insights, leveraging the power of cloud-based geographic data and in-database processing (no code or specialized licensing required). Here are a few of the highlights.

Self-service geospatial analytics for all

Now you can enable cross-functional collaboration between teams to create spatial-based insights that improve productivity, efficiency, resiliency, the bottom line, and service delivery.

  • Allow everyone to participate in the geospatial analytics process regardless of job role, skill level, or department with an intuitive map-centered user experience.
  • Empower users to harness large and complex data with an in-database spatial processing capability.
  • Upskill employees who don’t have GIS/spatial backgrounds with easy to execute spatial analysis tools with built-in documentation right in the user interface.

Easy-to-use interface

Alteryx Location Intelligence helps users easily build a robust geospatial analytics capability with a straightforward map-based experience.

  • Combine, prepare, and enrich disparate spatial data sources for location-based insights.
  • Use cloud-based geospatial analytics to become more resilient, optimize operations, and improve location-based decision-making.
  • Create and distribute spatial-based insights across the organization to answer questions that require location-based insights.


Alteryx Location Intelligence is a flexible, scalable, and open enterprise-grade platform that integrates seamlessly into your existing data and analytics architecture with best-in-class security and governance.

  • Connect to a wide range of cloud-based geospatial data across your organization.
  • Adapt to evolving business needs with simplified, flexible licensing and packaging.

Alteryx Location Intelligence for Businesses

The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources, analyze it in real time, and generate powerful visualizations. Alteryx Location Intelligence includes various mapping tools, such as heat maps and choropleth maps, to help organizations visualize their data and quickly identify areas of opportunity. Additionally, users can enrich their data with demographic and lifestyle information to gain deeper insights. By leveraging spatial insights, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior, optimize delivery routes, and identify areas of opportunity.

Location Intelligence and the Public Sector

Government organizations can also benefit from the increased availability of spatial intelligence to improve citizen services, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate the ability to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. Organizations like the FAA are already using geospatial capabilities from Alteryx to optimize their response to the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate.

A New Horizon

Alteryx Location Intelligence is a powerful tool for analyzing and visualizing spatial data. This solution allows organizations, nonprofits, and agencies to easily analyze spatial data in various ways to make more informed decisions. It can also be used to create dynamic maps and dashboards to display the results of your analyses. We’re excited to see how Alteryx Location Intelligence helps you transform your decision-making.

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