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Featured Jan 30, 2024

How AI is Transforming Alteryx

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    How Generative AI and Governance Help Scale Enterprise Analytics

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    New Research: What Boardroom Leaders Think About Generative AI

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    Why You Need a Centralized Data Science Team


    How CDOs Can Bridge the Analytics Gap for Data-Driven Success

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Strategy Feb 23, 2024
Is Data Mesh Already Dead? Not in the Age of AI Democratization
Why data mesh is more useful than ever for designing a data architecture that enables generative AI use cases.
Strategy Feb 16, 2024
Building Trust in Data: Strategies and Insights from Analytics Experts
The process of analyzing data for better decision-making is only as reliable as the data itself. Analytics experts share best practices for ...
Strategy Jan 4, 2024
Analytics Governance: Why It’s Important & Best Practices
The importance of good governance and how you can improve it across your analytic workflows.
Strategy Nov 28, 2023
The Top 5 Problems That Can Ruin Trust in Your Data
Boost your decision-making with trustworthy data. Explore the top five reasons for data mistrust and some quick tips to fix them.
Strategy Aug 16, 2023
How Data & Analytics Have Fueled My Golfing Success
Golf has gotten so competitive in recent years, and the gap between the top golfers and the pack has closed considerably. Adaptability has b...
What's New Aug 2, 2023
Digging Into Why Alteryx Won a 2023 Dresner Industry Excellence Award
We are happy to accept the award and we look forward to aiming even higher in the years to come when it comes to delivering valuable solutio...
People Jul 5, 2023
3 Reasons Why We Need to Make Healthcare Data More Accessible
How can we find value in healthcare data and then share our insights with our patients? 
Strategy Jun 22, 2023
How Culture Can Help Banks Comply with EU Financial Regulations
How a “swiss army knife” culture helped one bank keep up with EU financial regulations.
Strategy Jun 21, 2023
ROI: Measuring the Metrics that Matter
The importance of measuring the right metrics and how organizations can get the most out of their tech investments.

Strategy May 10, 2023
Reflections from the MIT Sloan Sports & Analytics Conference
Sports Nerds, Eat Your Hearts Out