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Strategy Aug 7, 2023
How to Build a Modern Data Stack That People Can Actually Use
A modern data stack is only as good as your ability to use it, and data stacks today often miss the mark when it comes to usability. Here ar...
Technology May 11, 2022
Leaders Recognize the Benefits of Governance and Oversight
Leaders recognize the connection between Analytics Automation and Digital Transformation Success.
Technology Oct 1, 2021
Fraud Detection Analytics
Fraud detection is mission critical to your company's success. Improve fraud detection analytics with Alteryx Designer Cloud.
Strategy Jan 19, 2021
How to Craft a Homerun Alteryx Pitch
Now that you’ve been using Alteryx for a while, you’ve experienced just how powerful a technology it can be. It's time to share the love...
Technology Nov 12, 2020
Empowering Investigation Analysis With Predictive Geospatial and Text Mining Analytics
In the world of NCIS, Agent Gibbs and his team have access to several tools to find hidden connections. Discover how many of these investiga...