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Technology Nov 22, 2022
Improve Customer and Consumer Behavior Analytics with Data Wrangling
Customer and consumer behavior analytics is a growing need for all businesses. Learn about the customer analysis process and how to improve ...
What's New Nov 16, 2022
Annie Duke on How Business Is Like a Game of Poker
Annie Duke shares lessons and strategies on decision-making cultivated throughout her academic studies in cognitive psychology and experienc...
Technology Nov 1, 2022
Streamline Data Discovery and Analysis with Designer Cloud
Learn how to use data discovery to visually explore and understand diverse data.
Technology Oct 31, 2022
Unstructured Data Analytics
Unstructured data analytics has soared in popularity due to the increasing availability of complex data sources.
Technology Oct 19, 2022
The 4 Factors that Separate “Good” from “Great”
Do you love your job? For most Trifacta Community members, the answer is a resounding “Yes!!” Getting to work with data to answer your b...
Technology Sep 30, 2022
Unpivot SQL: Designer Cloud Makes SQL Pivot and Unpivot Statements Viable
Pivot and unpivot SQL commands are critical to data manipulation but can be difficult. Learn about how these queries work and how to make th...
Strategy Sep 23, 2022
How to Increase ROI Through Data Democratization 
See 4 things you should do to increase ROI through democratization.
Technology Sep 12, 2022
Data Engineering: What You Need To Know
Transform and transport your sensitive data with Designer Cloud’s data engineering applications.
Technology Sep 7, 2022
Data Hub
Data hubs consolidate and store data effectively. Learn about data hubs, why they’re important, and how Designer Cloud can help you!
Technology Sep 4, 2022
Data Analysis Tools
Data analysis software can transform a business’s insights and efficiency. Find out the benefits of this software, as well as what to look...
Technology Aug 30, 2022
Driving Decision Improvement and Consistency with Alteryx Within Supply Chain and Beyond
The approach applied at Amway sets a good example for others considering Analytics Automation in any setting.
Technology Aug 27, 2022
How to Find Data Analytics Tools that Partner with Data Preparation
Data preparation is crucial and central to the data analytics process. Learn about how to find data analytics tools to partner with data pre...