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Alteryx vs. Big Data Platforms

See how Alteryx stacks up against big data platforms on simplicity, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and more.

Alteryx vs. SAS: Gartner Peer Insights Report

Before making your next big analytics decision, know your options. Your first step: This Gartner Peer Insights page that conveniently compares Alteryx and SAS side-by-side. 
Gartner Peer Insights

Alteryx Beats SAS Enterprise Guide on Ease of Use

Why pay to migrate SAS seats to the cloud, when you can easily get your whole team on easy, drag-and-drop Alteryx — whether you “go cloud” or not? 

Since Alteryx is visual it allows users to understand business flows much easier once the SAS script is converted. It also allows it to be easier to manage updates.

TrustRadius: Alteryx vs. SAS Enterprise Guide

Alteryx is rated higher than SAS in 4 areas:  

- Likelihood to Recommend
- Usability
- Support Rating
- Implementation Rating 
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Analytics for All: 30-Day Challenge for SAS Users

Experience it free for 30 days, right now. We don’t think you’ll go back.

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Crossing the Analytics and AI Chasm

Four steps to accelerate your data analytics transformation.

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From Data Modernization to Democratization in the Snowflake Ecosystem

What’s better than pooling all your data in Snowflake? Empowering everyone to glean insights from it. Get steps, lessons learned, more.

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PwC and Alteryx Content Hub

How PwC is helping CFOs Transform their Organization using Alteryx

Hear from PwC, IDC and Alteryx how to increase operational speed and reporting frequency.

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