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Amazon Web Services and Alteryx gives data professionals deeper business insights faster, by delivering a combination of scalable, cost-effective data environments in a self-service analytics platform. Do more with your big data by easily discovering and cataloging your data for the enterprise, enriching and blending it with other data sources, and empowering analysts and citizen data scientists alike to apply advanced analytics to it regardless of coding ability and share their data insights at scale. Get results fast and move onto questions you never thought you could ask.

Interested in deploying Alteryx Server on AWS? Download Best Practices for Deploying Alteryx Server on AWS and then visit the AWS Marketplace to get started.




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Customer Case Study: Chick-fil-A

Discover how Chick-fil-A leverages Alteryx and AWS to manipulate billions of customer records within Amazon Redshift, filtering out just the pertinent data needed for their loyalty app. It’s a huge task, but with this leading tech stack, all that work takes mere hours instead of weeks.

Customer Case Study: Talent Plus

Learn how Talent Plus, an internationally recognized talent consulting firm, transforms analytics and accelerates customer service with Alteryx and Amazon Redshift. By harnessing both powerful technologies, Talent Plus created a modern, flexible data warehouse that can accept critical data from their legacy system

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