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Alteryx + AWS

Region: Global
Partner Tier: Premier


Get the Most Out of Cloud, with Ease

Unlock the data opportunities that wouldn’t be possible (or at least way more time-consuming) without the AWS engine’s horsepower and Alteryx to harness it.

Alteryx integrates with your favorite AWS data services, including Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and more. When you combine AWS with Alteryx, you empower more employees to get the most out of cloud and take full advantage of data.


Any Scale

You can take on workloads of all sizes with Alteryx and AWS. Both platforms together enable enterprise-grade performance: Alteryx empowers more users across the org to do more with your data with a powerful platform, and AWS provides scalable storage and computing power. Customers like Chick-fil-A and Nielsen use AWS with Alteryx to scale analytics across the organization.



Alteryx has a drag-and-drop, no code and code-friendly user experience that enables the wider adoption of self-service analytics. Employees across any role or skillset can take advantage of AWS’ storage and compute services by using Alteryx.


Unlock Cloud Use Cases

Get more ROI on your cloud investment by running your Alteryx analytics on AWS storage and compute. Alteryx makes it accessible for more employees – whether they have technical skills or not – to utilize AWS cloud resources and unlock the full value of cloud. Plus, with Alteryx Analytics Cloud, you have yet another way to leverage cloud with AWS.


The answer for us was Alteryx. We realized that our Chick-fil-A analysts could actually build out the customer personalization aspects themselves

Supply Chain Manager


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We now use Alteryx for all kinds of things. I've been using Alteryx as a data integration/data blending tool. We've also used Alteryx to help build out our Amazon Redshift data warehouse, which will allow us to more easily scale when we need to.

Senior Data Specialist

Talent Plus

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We wanted to allow for citizen data scientists. We have so many Nielsen members whose job it is to understand the data. Wrangling and organizing it should not be a full-time job. It should be a tool like Alteryx.

Solutions Architect and Cloud Engineer


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