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Amazon Web Services, Partner NetworkAmazon Web Services and Alteryx enable analysts to get deeper business insights decisions faster, by delivering the combination of scalable, cost-effective data environments and self-service advanced analytics. Whether you store data blended by Alteryx in Amazon Redshift for organization wide ad hoc discovery or use Alteryx’s intuitive advanced analytic workflow to blend data stored in Amazon’s cloud with data from other sources, Alteryx empowers you with:

  • Self-service blending of cloud data with any source
  • Fast creation and deployment of prepared data to Amazon Web Services
  • The easy addition of predictive and spatial analytics to cloud data
  • Leverage the processing power of Redshift and limit data movement of large datasets with in-database tools

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What our customers are saying

Julian Dell, IT Director, AmaysimJulian Dell
IT Director at Amaysim

"We use Alteryx with Amazon Redshift because we need a fast way to uncover insights about our customer behavior. The combination of Alteryx Analytics with Amazon Redshift providing fast in-database data blending and in-memory advanced analytics lets us get insights from the complex XML-based customer and call records we have, without a long development effort. This enables us to identify and respond to drivers of customer behavior faster than ever before."

Ryan Marshall. Principal, Business Intelligence at Whitepages, Inc.Ryan Marshall
Principal, Business Intelligence at Whitepages, Inc.

"Alteryx’s data blending, ETL capabilities and advanced analytics allows me to perform the work of a team of 3 BI Devs and Analysts. However with the volume of data we run, the process was hitting a bottleneck using in house databases. Using S3 and Redshift in conjunction with Alteryx and Tableau allows me to ingest and transform huge volumes of data from our consumer sites and mobile apps and produce intuitive, interactive reports for all levels of my organization in a matter of hours."

Jeremy Kane, Director, Data Engineering at TargetSmartJeremy Kane
Director, Data Engineering at TargetSmart

"Alteryx has been instrumental in building our data products. Using Alteryx, we have complete control over the structure of our data-sets. Combining the EC2 component of Amazon Web Services with Alteryx has given us complete control over the processing time needed to build this data."


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