Alteryx Connect

Catalog, organize, and search analytics assets and data



Catalog Assets and Collaborate

Alteryx Connect changes how organizations discover, govern, and collaborate across data and analytic assets. A powerful data catalog combined with advanced analytics empowers everyone to quickly find, manage, understand, and collaborate across departments and the organization.

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Find insights and track lineage

Better data means better results. Use powerful search capabilities to find and reuse information contained in data files, databases, visualizations, dashboards, workflows, analytic apps, and more. Automatically capture and visualize data lineage between assets, improving the overall quality and reliability of shared information between data, process, and people.

Alteryx Connect Screenshot
Alteryx Connect Screenshot

Search and access trusted content

Reduce the time spent searching for data and assets by accessing trusted and curated data sources. Create a common repository for everyone to find, share, and collaborate on data and analytics. Integrate the governed analytics catalog within Alteryx Designer to put the best data sources at your analysts' fingertips.

Alteryx Connect Screenshot
Alteryx Connect Screenshot

Maintain context across your teams

Use Alteryx Connect as an enterprise business glossary to capture the context and meaning of key terms, processes, and analytics with a common vocabulary. Direct everyone in your organization to a common place to find, share, and collaborate on data, plus minimize duplication of effort.

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“I made a model to predict our client’s satisfaction using data from Connect and a workflow in Designer. With only a limited knowledge of predictive tools and a little help from the Alteryx Community, I was able to produce a model that was accurate to our actual client satisfaction.

Senior Director, Business Intelligence, ADP


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Machine RequirementsRecommended: 64-bit only, 32-bit not supported
OS RequirementsMicrosoft Windows Server 2008R2 or later
ChipDual core (single chip)
Processor2.5GHz or faster
Disk Size100GB

Chrome Windows: Latest

Safari — MacOS: 11 and above

Firefox Standard Release — Latest

Internet Explorer — 11 and above

Edge — Latest

Administrators can load metadata into Alteryx Connect from the following sources.

Alteryx Server Private Gallery workflow — Load Metadata from an Alteryx Server Gallery

Amazon Redshift Database — Load Metadata from an Amazon Redshift Database

Amazon S3 — Load Metadata from Amazon S3

Apache Impala — Load Metadata from Apache Impala

Azure Data Catalog — Load Metadata from Azure Data Catalog

Azure Data Lake Store — Load Metadata from an Azure Data Lake Store

Data files (such as .yxdb, .csv, .xlsx, .xls) — Load Metadata from a File System

DB2 Database — Load Metadata from a DB2 Database

EXASOL Database — Load Metadata from an EXASOL Database

HDFS Server — Load Metadata from an HDFS Server

Hive — Load Metadata from Apache Hive

Microsoft Power BI — Load Metadata from Microsoft Power BI

MySQL Database — Load Metadata from a MySQL Database

Oracle Database — Load Metadata from an Oracle Database

Qlik Sense — Load Metadata from Qlik Sense

QlikView — Load Metadata from QlikView

Salesforce — Load Metadata from Salesforce

Snowflake Database — Load Metadata from a Snowflake Database

SAP Hana Database — Load Metadata from a SAP HANA Database

SQL Server Database — Load Metadata from a SQL Server Database

Tableau Server — Load Metadata from Tableau Server

Teradata Database — Load Metadata from a Teradata Database