2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report Graphic

2023 State of Cloud Analytics

Insights and recommendations for navigating a new era of decision-making

2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report Graphic

Cloud adoption has made data more available and scalable than ever. Many organizational leaders believe cloud analytics will be the key to turning that data into valuable business outcomes. 

Alteryx surveyed leaders across industries to understand why and how organizations are investing in cloud-based analytics and to quantify the results they’ve seen — and expect to see — from those investments. 

Preview the results of our 2023 State of Cloud Analytics report below or download the full report to learn:

  • Why organizations are increasingly shifting to cloud-based analytics
  • The top benefits of cloud analytics, including greater profitability, resilience, and efficiency
  • Four key steps for implementing a winning cloud analytics strategy and how to get buy-in from stakeholders 

Benefits of Cloud Analytics

All these benefits — including greater scalability and productivity — are helping organizations realize a significant and critical advantage: navigating and overcoming an uncertain future.
Graph showing the benefits organizations have gained from investments in cloud analytics

81% expect cloud analytics to have a positive impact on economic uncertainty

pie charts showing the impact of cloud analytics in managing economic uncertainty

Business Dynamics Driving Adoption

As the pandemic amplifies the need for, and pace of, digital transformation, organizations are turning to cloud-based analytics to keep up. The need to reduce costs and meet compliance requirements is giving organizations immediate motivation.
bar graph outlining what business dynamics are influencing adoption of cloud analytics

Respondents expect 70% of their enterprise-wide analytics to be cloud-based by 2025.

Enabling Analytics for All

While respondents identified typical end users as data scientists (59%), business analysts (57%), and technical or data leaders (58%), 98% of respondents said their businesses would benefit from more types of employees having access to analytics solutions.
pie chart highlighting if organizations would benefit from more employees having access to analytic solutions

Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform

Prepare for the Future

With Alteryx Analytics Cloud, anyone in the organization can perform analytics according to their skill level with low-code, no-code tools for everything from data preparation to building machine learning models.
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Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform

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