Business Analyst Nanodegree

Predictive Training

Learn predictive analytics, deliver immediate value.

More and more companies are incorporating predictive analytics into their data strategies, and demand for employees with these skills will grow massively in the next decade. OurNanodegree program will equip you with these very in-demand skills, and no programming experience is required to enroll!

The Nanodegree consists of expert-reviewed projects supported by courses and lessons co-developed by Alteryx and Udacity. Click on each course for Summary, Prerequisites and Syllabus:


How does the Nanodegree Program work?

Learn predictive concepts, made up of multiple lessons delivered online on the Udacity platform, that contain:

  • Videos and demonstrations
  • Reading
  • Exercises and quizzes

Complete the eight projects associated with the program:

  • Course Projects: projects that demonstrate your knowledge of the associated course material
  • Capstone Project: a project that demonstrates your knowledge of the concepts taught in the courses

During your journey:

  • Enjoy immediate support and reviews from the Udacity Student Service and Project Review teams to ensure you succeed
  • Join an amazing community of instructors, coaches, and peers to stay on track

Learn the skills taught, and earn a credential recognized by industry leaders.



Co-Created by Alteryx + Udacity