Use Case

Legal Ticket Analysis


Shorten time to resolution (TTR) for legal tickets by optimizing distribution across the legal team, routing difficult tickets to senior staff, and creating dashboards to display status.

Efficiency Gains

Optimize distribution of workload across legal team and automate flagging of high-priority tickets

Customer Experience

Finalize deals more quickly by automatically escalating review of new contracts

Risk Reduction

Reduce SLAs and meet deadlines for high-priority tickets by aligning workload with team capabilities


Business Problem

Legal ticketing systems ensure that high-impact tasks like contract reviews don’t fall through the cracks. Optimizing the assignment process helps distribute tickets efficiently across your organization’s legal team. It’s important to ensure that the most difficult, expertise-demanding tickets go to senior staff and that high-priority tickets requiring approval by executives be automatically flagged and routed to them.

Analytics Solution

Optimize your organization’s handling of legal tickets to shorten time to resolution (TTR) and respond promptly to the needs of the business. When you automate the process of combining inbound legal tickets with records of team performance, you can effortlessly route tickets to the staff members best suited to the task. With an end-to-end data connection and analytics automation platform, legal departments can relieve bottlenecks, balance workload across employees, and meet their service-level agreements (SLA).

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Automate connections to IT platforms like Ivanti to extract IT ticketing data
  • Analyze metrics automatically within a workflow to measure TTR and team performance
  • Prep and blend data for export into Tableau dashboards
  • Provide managers with up-to-date views of ticket flow, team capabilities, ticket distribution status, and performance against SLAs

Legal Ticket Analysis Designer Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Connect to platforms like Ivanti to import ticket contents and metadata

2 – Prep and Blend

Blend incoming legal requests with historical records to understand team capabilities and expected time to resolution

3 – Automated Analytics

Export legal tickets and assignments directly into Snowflake, or into a dashboard for reporting


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