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The Path to Becoming an Analytics Champion


Organizations using data-driven insights to outperform the competition don’t get there by accident. Most of them have strong analytics leaders with a passion for data and its potential for impact.

In this upcoming live webinar learn how you can become an analytics champion by optimizing your technology, people, and processes to propel your business forward.

Analytics and industry experts will share how you can:

  • Champion an analytics culture that empowers everyone to make data-driven decisions
  • Maximize the ROI of tech investments with advanced analytics
  • Use trusted data to innovate, thrive and gain a competitive advantage
  • Automate manual tasks to save time and reduce risk

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn strategies for becoming the analytics champion your organization needs!


Meet Our Speakers

Olivia Duane Adams

Chief Advocacy Officer, Alteryx

Tyler Reynolds

Director of Sales, Theobald Software

Scott Van Valkenburgh

SVP Global Partners at Alteryx

Claudia Imhoff

CEO, Intelligent Solutions

Corey Spencer

VP of Product Management at Alteryx

Heidi Badgery

Regional Managing Director, Alteryx

Jifeng Qiu

3D Team Manager, Alteryx ACE, Toyo Engineering

DJ Patil

one of the most influential data scientists

Kirk Borne

Data and AI expert


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