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Beyond the Hype:
Practical Implementation of Generative AI

Large Language Models for Business Users

19 March 2024

German version: 12PM CET |  English version: 5PM CET


Since large language models (LLMs) have come to public attention, managers are increasingly looking for ways to tap into the benefits of generative AI beyond the small circle of experts in the company and create innovative solutions.

The democratization of generative AI throughout the entire company is feasible. To achieve this, new AI-based low/no-code tools and services must be made available to business users and the shared use of verified data must be made possible. The development of data expertise and governance for analytics throughout the company also plays a crucial role to develop suitable use cases and exploit the full potential of generative AI.

In this informative webinar, Alteryx and MHP* share their experience in helping business users build key applications based on Large Language Models that have been fully customized to their own data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How you can safely and efficiently integrate the capabilities of generative AI into your business processes without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.
  • How you can derive and adapt concrete examples and application scenarios from successfully implemented generative AI projects from the industry.
  • How to establish and promote a data- and AI-driven mindset throughout the company.
  • How you can initiate social innovations to sustainably improve employee and customer experience, even in an environment with limited technical resources.


This webinar is being hosted in two languages: German (12PM CET) and English (5PM CET). If you would like to register for an alternative edition, please switch to the other language version of the page.


*Privacy notice: Your contractual consideration for participating in the webinar free of charge is the promotional use of your personal data by Alteryx and its partner MHP [MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH, Film- und Medienzentrum, Königsallee 49, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany]. The use includes both postal contact and contact by e-mail for advertising purposes. This includes the forwarding of your personal data to the partner for the use of your data for advertising purposes. Please use your business e-mail address. Thank you very much!


Meet Our Speakers

Kevin Ueckert

Senior Manager / Big Data & IoT Technologies, MHP - A Porsche Company

Wouter de Ruiter

Senior Manager, MHP - A Porsche Company

Dr.-Ing. (Cand.) Jupiter Bakakeu

Senior Data Scientist, Alteryx


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