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How UBS and Brookson Successfully Democratized Analytics

To stay resilient, update your analytics. With a mature analytics configuration, you can be confident you’ll ask the right questions the first time — and get the answers in real time.

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Analytics skills shortages are affecting company performance more than ever. A global pandemic, geopolitical instability, and unpredictable supply chains are only complicating the situation.

Simply put: Change is the new normal.

To stay resilient in the face of constant shifts requires asking the right questions — and getting the right answers — in real time.

But how do you do that while faced with skills shortages at a time when the world is unpredictable?

With a mature analytics configuration.

In this live webinar, UBS Bank and accounting firm Brookson will discuss how they were able to deliver on analytics despite disruption, plus:

  • How analytic maturity affects company performance
  • How best-in-class organizations democratize analytics at scale
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices to stay afloat during times of change

Meet our Speakers

Nicholas Bignell

Nick Bignell

Director of Data Science


Brian Millrine

Brian Millrine

CIO / Strategy Director

Brookson Group

David Sweenor headshot

David Sweenor

Sr. Director of Product Marketing


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