Moving Soccer Data Forward with Megan Rapinoe


June 27, 2023


Join Megan Rapinoe and learn how she uses data and analytics in her day to day, how to lead a team to championship wins, and the changing data and analytical soccer landscape. Get her behind the scenes take on what it’s like to prepare for the biggest game of your life, how data impacts her game, and why women’s soccer is the fastest growing sport in the world.

Join the champ for this webinar and learn:

  • How data and analytics are used in soccer today, and limitations and challenges of using data
  • Megan’s experience with using data and analytics
  • How to build a culture of analytics in your company and why it’s important.

This webinar, which includes a live demo, will be hosted by Adam Wilson, GM & SVP of Engineering Analytics Cloud at Alteryx. Learn how to take the lessons from soccer to the workplace, and how you can build a culture of analytics in the enterprise.


About Megan Rapinoe

Two-time World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Megan Rapinoe is a fan favorite and one of the team’s most technical and craftiest players. A vocal leader on and off the pitch, Megan helped lead the USWNT to the 2019 Women’s World Cup Championship scoring some of the biggest goals of the tournament. Megan took home the tournament’s two top honors – the Golden Boot for top scorer, and the Golden Ball for the best player in the tournament. A New York Times’ Best-Selling author, Time100’s Most Influential People and recent Presidential Medal of Freedom award recipient, Megan is an advocate for equality for all and has been able to intersect her passion for humanity and authenticity. At the end of 2022, Megan and fiancé Sue Bird launched “A Touch More”, a new production company focused on promoting narratives around revolutionaries who move culture forward. The company will amplify stories focused on identity, activism, and underrepresented groups.


Meet Our Speakers

Megan Rapinoe

American Soccer Legend

Adam Wilson

GM & SVP of Engineering Analytics Cloud, Alteryx

Monica Cisneros

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

William Davis

Senior Sales Engineer


Whether its GPS, heart rate tracking...being able to integrate that [data] in our physical program to bring on the pitch, has been a total game changer

– Megan Rapinoe, Two-time World Cup Champion


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