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McLaren racing car
On-Demand Webinar

Alteryx + Mclaren: Formula To Success with AI & Analytics

Each year, McLaren Racing faces the exhilarating challenge of designing race cars that not only scorch the tracks but also adhere to ever-evolving Formula 1 regulations. Whether it’s the Grand Prix, IndyCar, Extreme E, or Formula E, data-driven precision is the key to their success.

In 2021, Formula 1 underwent a seismic tech transformation, all to satisfy fans hungry for more wheel-to-wheel action. The game-changer? Aerodynamics. Teams like McLaren had to rethink their car designs from the ground up, all while staying competitive and compliant. Months of dedicated work by hundreds of engineers revolutionized the game, disrupting the status quo.

Buckle up with Alteryx CIO Trevor Schulze and McLaren CEO Zak Brown and learn:

  • How McLaren and Alteryx ride the data wave using AI and analytics to conquer change
  • How data turbocharges car design, adapting to weather, tracks, and more during a live demo
  • How to empower your company with analytics expertise by mastering the lessons from McLaren.

McLaren Racing’s secret weapon? Alteryx across seven departments! From wind tunnels to financial systems, it’s all about speed, automation, and shared analytics. Get ready to hit the accelerator with us!



Meet Our Speakers

Zak Brown

Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Racing

Trevor Schulze

Chief Information Officer, Alteryx


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