Optimize Finance Operations and Reduce Bottlenecks with Alteryx and ABBYY

Optimize Finance Operations and Reduce Bottlenecks with Alteryx and ABBYY

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Digital transformation is a key priority for finance leaders across the globe.

Understanding accounting and finance processes, dependencies, and bottlenecks on a large scale is difficult, sometimes impossible. With multiple departments, systems, and people involved, how can we understand the best opportunities to improve? Sadly, only half of the transformation efforts will ever deliver sustainable ROI.

During this webinar we will share how Alteryx and ABBYY Timeline can automatically analyze and visualize your complex processes. By seeing every step, interaction, system, and average duration within a process, clients have uncovered and addressed massive inefficiencies and risks in both people and technology processes.

Watch the demonstrations of Alteryx and ABBYY so you can understand how these platforms bring value to their customers through a better understanding of processes and areas to improve such as:

  • Order to Cash: Which departments or locations have the longest lead times?
  • Accounts Payable: Where are we seeing hold-ups in invoice processing?
  • Accounts Receivables: At what point should we escalate AR issues?
  • Purchasing/Procurement/Logistics: Which vendors are most or least efficient at getting us products?
  • Large Project Budgeting and Fulfilment: How to find efficiencies within budgeting and meeting deadlines?
  • Month End Close: Which department or area is experiencing delays from closing rapidly?
  • Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting: What functional areas are slowed in their ability to get plans out quickly?

These complex processes with dozens of steps, people, and iterations are nearly impossible to analyze using traditional business intelligence and reporting tools. ABBYY Timeline and Alteryx bring out-of-the-box solutions to capture and visualize complex processes.

Watch now and learn how these platforms can change the way you analyze your business processes!


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