Score Business Goals With Sentiment Analysis

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Fútbol, soccer, football and analytics — what do they have in common?

They have the ability to create a common language that brings people together — in one case to make business decisions across departments, in the other case for fun and competition.

Join us for this webinar that combines both analytics and soccer. Whether you want to understand what soccer fans love during the biggest game of the year, or what your customers say about your brand, sentiment analysis can help.

In this session discover:

  • The methodology of sentiment analysis on social media data (leveraging soccer social media data for this webinar)
  • How businesses can use sentiment analysis to better understand their customers
  • What use cases sentiment analysis can solve for

Meet our Speakers

Chris DeMontmollin

Associate Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

Ari Kotlyarevsky

Data Scientist, Alteryx


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