Data democracy: data literacy in digital companies

Our world and our daily lives as well as the economy are becoming increasingly digital. The result: data and analytics are becoming increasingly important. This growing importance is now measurably manifested in the market. In a recent BARC study, 90 percent of respondents agreed that data has a high priority in decision-making. However, only 25 percent said that decisions are made exclusively or predominantly on the basis of data.

As successful examples of data-driven decision-making gain more and more attention, many leaders are wondering why they are still lagging behind. The reasons for this are shown in this research note about the most common challenges, as a way to establishing a data culture. A particular focus is on data literacy and democratization.

Download the research note now and learn more:

  • What is data democracy and what is it used for?
  • What are current obstacles and solutions to building a data democracy?
  • How should we shape the future of data democracy?

Release date: November 11, 2021


Curious for more? Download our infographic now and get a first insight into our study results.


Please note: this document is in German only.


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