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Departmental Solutions

Empowering analysts in line-of-business departments who are the most familiar with the day-to-day business challenges.


Tax, Audit, + Office of Finance

Shift the focus from spreadsheet-driven data manipulation to repeatable, collaborative analysis and insight, plus incorporate advanced analytics modeling and forecasting to give quicker responses to executives, auditors, and regulators.

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Make multi-channel, multi-campaign marketing analysis a matter of clicks, not multiple long projects.

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Deliver the data and analysis the business needs without long integration or metric development processes.

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Real Estate

Bring together the right data to drive location decisions based on modeling that can change when markets or business strategies change.

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Move beyond backwards-facing reports and dashboards to become an analytics-led, revenue-generating machine.

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Customer Success

Offer your customers the right product, at the right time, through the right channel, using the right message.

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