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Financial Planning & Analysis Software

Make Better Strategic Decisions


Free Up Time for Strategy

Minimize the time you spend on manual processes, so you can have more time for strategy. See how Alteryx can help you:

  • Increase the accuracy of demand planning & forecasting
  • Automate management reporting
  • Focus on analyses that impact your company’s financial health

Get started with pre-populated workflows

Download the Office of Finance Starter Kit and start tackling a variety of tax projects such as:

  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Income Tax Provision Compliance
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • R&D Calculations
  • Sales Apportionment

Reduce time on reconciliation of systems

It’s important to ensure that data from multiple systems reconcile correctly, but structures and applications can be inflexible, making the process slow.

Our solution automates and standardizes the process of reconciling data to help you get in front of issues faster.


Automate management reporting

Some organizations are obligated to create reports to help leaders see the factors driving the business and make strategic decisions.
Our solution creates a fully integrated process for connecting to data sources, prepping data, and reporting for faster, more accurate reports.


Add more accuracy to demand forecasting

Forecasting demand is the key to estimating sales, running promotions, planning inventory, scheduling logistics, and meeting customer expectations. Our solution provides the ability to connect to data sources, prepare data, and apply advanced analytics automatically so your teams can forecast demand more accurately.