Demand Forecasting

Confidently Forecast Demand


Know customer demand with confidence

The accuracy and timeliness of demand forecasts have wide-reaching implications to costs, sales, customer satisfaction, customer experience outcomes, and brand value.

Operate a competitive supply chain with a timely and clear line of sight into the consumption behaviors of customers.

Improve on-shelf-availability, avoid out of stock conditions in retail, manufacturing, and supply chain.


Automate Time-Consuming and Complex Processes

Surface timely and prescriptive forecasts to meet demand. Automate data and analytic workflows and identify potential internal and external demand signals.


Start With Pre-Made Workflows

Leverage Alteryx Workflow Starter Kits to accelerate time to value.


Discover Demand Forecast Signals

Access the external data that’s crucial to effective demand forecasting. Take advantage of Alteryx partnerships with third-parties like the Snowflake Data Cloud.