Federal Government

Combine, share, and analyze government data to make smarter decisions and accelerate outcomes.


Supercharge Your Agency's Mission

Analysts within federal and central agencies are faced with pressing questions that demand insights. Meeting the challenge head-on requires analytics automation to build agile, trusted datasets that give stakeholders the actionable intelligence they need to drive change.

Enhance service delivery and enable frontline resources with prescriptive insights.

Optimize critical supply chains and prioritize crisis response with location intelligence.

Predict budgetary needs and make forecasts with confidence.

Elevate employee engagement and improve hiring practices.


Access data anywhere

Securely access and combine data across all sources and business applications to align your data strategy with your existing architecture.

Automate prep and blend

Access 300+ drag-and-drop tools to empower your analysts to prepare & blend data up to 100x faster than traditional solutions.

Harness geospatial intelligence

Optimize supply chains, improve disaster relief, and more with easy-to-use spatial analytics.

Build predictive models

Predict and prepare for the impact of changing dynamics, demographics, economic conditions, and workforce needs.


Improve Data Quality and Maturity

Accelerate decision-making at scale through secure access to multiple data sources, an intuitive analytics interface, improved data quality, and seamless collaboration within hybrid and cloud-based workflows.


Protect Your Data

Define and enforce data access controls, ensuring that sensitive information is securely managed and shared according to regulatory requirements. We also provide audit trails and documentation capabilities, enabling you to demonstrate data lineage and compliance with data protection regulations.


Perform Advanced Analytics

Drag and drop your way to statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data mining without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise. With Alteryx, you can identify patterns and predict future outcomes to accelerate your mission.


Optimize Your Resources

As budget pressures grow, agencies like yours are forced to do more with less. Our platform can help everyone, regardless of role or skill level, go from data to insights in minutes — not days — with an intuitive, AI-assisted platform.


Foster Ethical Analytics and AI

Balancing the need for data-driven decision-making with privacy, fairness, and equity is crucial. We’re working with governments to develop a responsible AI framework that safeguards against risks — without hindering innovation — through intuitive, AI-supported analytics in an enterprise-grade platform.



Public Health

Defense and Intelligence Operations

Finance, Tax, and Revenue Management


Public Infrastructure, Utilities, and Transportation

Human Services

Public Safety and Criminal Justice


Maximize the Value of Your Data

Harness your data and empower your team to uncover actionable insights in a fraction of the time with 300+ drag-and-drop analytics automation tools.

400 lines of code

automated to protect the food supply.

1000s of hours

saved in manual inspection to accelerate disaster recovery.

Real-time insights

Improved situational awareness for 522 airports.

30% faster insights

for national economic reports.

Four years ago, I was in the Marine Corps and didn’t know what a VLOOKUP was. Now I am an SME for a team of 10 and starting with ML exploration. Within a month of using Alteryx I was saving 25% of my time in data ETL

Jonathan Silva-Novais, Global Supply Chain Operations


Before Alteryx, our processes were heavily manual with lots of people involved, lots of risks and errors. Things had to be processed several times to get the right results. But through Alteryx, we're getting results much, much quicker, and we’re enabling key conversations that are driving change.

Claire Povey, Director of Business and Performance, Collaborative Procurement Partnership


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