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Alteryx Analytics Hub

Driving better outcomes is the end goal of analytics, but it requires empowering teams to answer questions together. The power of collaborative analytics unlocks meaningful business outcomes for modern organizations. With Alteryx Analytics Hub, every team can share analytic assets and automate processes, reports and insights in a central, secure, governed analytics environment.

Centralized Collaboration Platform

Team up on one platform by accessing all of the insights needed to make data-driven decisions. Alteryx Analytics Hub encourages cross-functional work with personal and team workspace folders built into its easy-to-navigate system. The powerful searching capability enhances data discovery by granting users the ability to find data, workflows, reports, and dashboards across an organization. Simultaneously share insights with decision makers and take loads off IT with over 250 analytic process automation building blocks. 

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Scale Analytics Across the Team

The Alteryx Analytics Hub streamlines user-level access. Unite rogue data processes existing across the organization, and help teams collaborate in secure sites with workflow version history and rollback features that add an additional layer of assurance for team collaboration.

Business Leader

Share the great work that your team is doing and leverage analytic assets created across departments. Unite in the language of solving.


Provide a safe and secure environment for your organization to create, consume, and share analytics.


Focus on answering tougher questions when you automate and put those mundane, yet necessary, weekly status reports on cruise control.

Key Capabilities



Accelerate daily insights and actions and free people from manual tasks by automating repetitive and complex analytic processes. Flexibly schedule workflows by date, time, frequency for a recurring or customized ad-hoc schedule. 






Seamlessly share workflows and apps from Designer to Alteryx Analytics Hub so that your teams can accomplish more together.  

Collaborate through centralized team sites that let teams share every important analytic asset.






Leverage all the data in the organization. Access metadata from a multitude of data sources and use all of your existing infrastructure.  

Access and use all analytic assets to accelerate insights across teams and departments within your organization.




Security and Governance


Easily set up and maintain security, integrate into your current identity and user management processes (LDAP, Active Directory, SSO), free IT, and deliver the tools needed to keep analytics always on.  

Maintain security through permission-based asset management from individuals, teams, and departments.



Where Automation Meets Intelligence

See how Alteryx Analytics Hub enables every team with the ability to share analytic assets, automate processes, reports and insights in a central, secure, governed analytics environment.


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Technical Specifications

Processor 64-bit
CPU 4-core
System Memory 16 GB
Minimum Disk Free Space 50 GB
Supported Operating Systems Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Supported Web Browsers Chrome


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. The installer checks for this and prompts install if missing.


Internet access to for license activation



  • 443 (HTTPS) – Analytics Hub Website
  • 5000 – Worker Processes
  • 8080 (HTTPS) – Internal Gateway, Internal API for service communication