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Data Science and Machine Learning

Advanced analytics made easy

Empower every analyst with Automated Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Data Science / AutoML / NLP

Artificial intelligence requires good data to produce accurate and reliable results. It also usually demands coding skills. Automated ML overcomes these hurdles by automatically creating features, predictive models, and explanations. Users can also add Python and R code into workflows and extract unstructured text data from PDF docs.



  • Utilize techniques like ARIMA for Time Series modeling and Facebook’s Prophet Estimator that accounts for trending and seasonality
  • Use the built-in leaderboard that ranks model performance to understand the efficacy of different forecasting models at the same time

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Automated Machine Learning

  • Build ML pipelines with AutoML and Deep Feature Synthesis; Uncover signals with automated insights
  • Upskill your workforce with built-in education mode and community based learning paths

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Text Mining & NLP

Easily prepare your unstructured data with Text Pre-Processing and Text Summary. Create text metadata with Named Entity Recognition and Part-of-Speech Tagger. Quickly understand key themes and emotions with your data with topic modeling and sentiment analysis.

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Computer Vision & OCR

  • Automate data extraction from PDFs and documents, or extract data from system-generated PDFs
  • Train Image Classification models or use the Barcode tool to create QR codes for direct response

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For Data Scientists

  • Turbo-charge machine learning and data science efforts with our Open Source libraries: Featuretools, Compose, EvalML, and Woodwork
  • Create powerful insights with more than 40 drag and drop tools or get your coding on with R and Python

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