Repeatable workflows for self-service data analytics

Embark on Self-Service Analytics

What could you accomplish if you spent 80% of your time analyzing data and creating insights instead of spending that time on mundane data preparation tasks? With Alteryx Designer, you can turn those ideas into reality and uplevel your analysis and your path to analytic success.

Easily combine every data source with hundreds of ready-to-use automation building blocks and breeze through all the routine data prep to spend time discovering actionable insights through built-in predictive, prescriptive and location analytics.

Discover the new enhancements made to the Alteryx Platform.


Data Preparation + Blending

Prepare and blend any dataset for insightful analysis with a human-centered, self-service analytics user experience.

Empower your two most valuable assets—people and data.
Connect and blend datasets from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources to create meaningful outcomes that help answer your organization's most pressing questions.

Craft meaningful data, one building block at a time
Transform raw and complex data into rich and compelling analysis using an extensive set of data manipulation and enrichment tools.

Enrich your analysis
Deliver deeper analytic value with location and business insights from native data tools and data partners like Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet that seamlessly intersect with your data.


Data Blending Starter Kit

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Data Blending for the Analyst eBook

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Visualize, Explore, + Discover

Your data has a story to tell. Visualizing it throughout the analytics process helps you explore and discover the insights that help you craft that story.

Alteryx enables you to visualize your data throughout the entire problem-solving journey, so that you can explore new paths and discover more insights.

See your data in motion
Instantly validate the health, quality, and statistical distribution of your data through powerful inline visualizations.

Explore your way to deeper insights
Increase your speed to insight and stimulate your ability to discover meaning within your dataset with data profiling and drill-down capabilities throughout the analytic process.


Rock Your Next Analysis with Visualytics

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Advanced Analytics

Traditional approaches to performing advanced analytics are based on complex, difficult-to-use coding platforms that are mostly inaccessible to data analysts.

Alteryx makes advanced analytics accessible to every analyst. With repeatable workflows that offer self-service data analytics capabilities for predictive, prescriptive, and text analytics, analysts can create models with drag-and-drop tools. No programming required.

Augmented Machine Learning
Build predictive models in just a few clicks, with optional step-by-step guidance to ensure trustworthy predictions the first time.

Code-free Text Mining
Extract data from text sources such as PDFs and uncover underlying topics and sentiments to get the most from every word.

Customizable R- and Python-based Analytics
Use more than 30 R-based drag-and-drop predictive tools, plus your own custom R and Python code can be integrated directly into workflows.


Predictive Starter Kit

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7 Steps to Data Blending for Predictive Analytics Cookbook

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Location Intelligence

Location intelligence is literally everywhere, yet it’s traditionally been reserved to a few domain experts.

Alteryx democratizes location intelligence through easy-to-use spatial analytic tools that enrich your analytics and upskill your results—and your people.

All the location data you need
Unleash the “where” component of your data to reveal new perspectives and meaning through the power of spatial analytics. From pre-packaged data options, to Esri, to Big Data, Alteryx has everything you need to spatially amplify your analysis.

Intuitive and advanced spatial analytic tools
Is your trade area optimized for efficient distribution of goods and services? Do stakeholders have a clear understanding of how well submarkets are performing, and in addition, how they might be able to optimize performance? These are the types of questions that you can answer with the robust set of Spatial tools in Alteryx.

Location data in its native form: maps
Much more than a pretty picture, maps are an incredible way to communicate insights and bridge understanding. Share your spatial insights through third-party tools such as Tableau, ESRI, or MapInfo.

Spatial Starter Kit

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6 Steps to Data Blending for Spatial Analytics

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Sharing Insights

As if data access and analytic processes weren’t enough, reporting and sharing insights introduces a whole other set of challenges that traditional tools aren’t equipped to handle.

Alteryx makes this process quick and easy by integrating the reporting and sharing of insights into a repeatable workflow with self-service data analytics.

Bring your insights to life, automatically
Automate the delivery of your analytic intelligence through easy-to-comprehend reports either on-demand or on a schedule to accelerate decision making. You can publish to over 70 output sources including Microsoft Excel, Esri, XML, PDF, SQL, Oracle and Snowflake just to name a few.

Fuel your data visualizations
Dramatically reduce the time needed to create the perfect dataset and add advanced analytics for visualization in programs like Tableau and Qlik.

Amplify output for all decision makers through analytic process automation
Extend the value of Alteryx workflows with simple-to-use analytic apps that can be leveraged by all business users in the Alteryx Analytics Hub, Alteryx Server, or Alteryx Analytics Gallery environment.


Reporting using Alteryx

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Technical Specifications

Machine Requirements Minimum: 64-bit High Performance: 64-bit
OS Requirements Microsoft Windows 7 or later (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Chip Quad core (single chip) Quad core (single chip)
Processor 2.5GHz or faster 2.5GHz or faster
Disk Size 500GB - 1TB 500GB - 1TB


More information on our limited 32-bit Windows Systems Support

Reporting formats include:

PNG - Portable Network Graphics

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

PCXML - Alteryx Markup Language

PDF - Adobe® Portable Document Format

RTF - Rich Text Format

DOC/DOCX - Microsoft Word

XLS/XLSX - Microsoft Excel

PPT/PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint


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