Metrics for All

The best in-class analytics automation platform now with one source of truth for consistent, reusable metrics.

Accelerate KPIs

Define your metrics with cross-functional collaboration for your departments’ use cases with templated, ready-to-use metrics and a no-code UI to accelerate deployment and time to value.


Democratize KPIs

Share metrics and mappings with all teams and all business users for consistent reuse and repeatability.  As a cloud-native solution, execute queries in real-time on your raw data, even for large-scale deployments. 

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Govern KPIs

Ensure consistency and accuracy of metrics with metrics lifecycle management through versioning, history, and lineage control. Distribute insights with precision with fine-grained user permissions.

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Partner Program

What Makes Us Different

  • Partner created templates built upon their Alteryx proficiency and domain expertise
  • Quickly build KPI map using standard definitions
  • Scale automated metrics calculations with real-time calculations
  • Enable business users to quickly understand the KPIs underpinning their business
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How it Works

As a cloud-native SaaS solution, setup is template-based and customizable, and extraction is scalable and performant. Connect your data and share critical KPIs from one source of truth and one source of trust.

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