What's New 2020.3

Alter Your Time to Insights

Boost your organization’s analytics and get on the fast-track to insights with our newest quarterly release and recently launched products. Check out how you will experience greater efficiency and streamlined results today in 2020.3.

New Cutting-edge Innovations That Power Alteryx Analytic Process Automation

Automation meets intelligence with Alteryx Analytics Hub Team Edition, a centralized platform to discover, automate, and share outcomes to empower every team in the organization to make data-driven decisions. The Analytics Hub offers higher performance, faster delivery, and resilient automation while sharing the insights with decision makers. Head over to our Product page to learn more about scaling analytics with the Alteryx Analytics Hub.


Evolve your solving with the Alteryx Intelligence Suite, an add-on to Alteryx Designer. No matter who you are or how well you know data science, the power to develop deeper intelligence about today and create accurate predictions for tomorrow is all in your hands. Click here to learn more about taking the first step on your advanced analytics journey with the Alteryx Intelligence Suite.

Contact your account representative to unlock your potential with a free trial or license! Don’t know your account rep? Have questions about getting started? Simply head over to our Support Contact Portal and select Request Access to Intelligence Suite so we can get you set up and ready to go.


Amplify Your Analytics And Upgrade To 2020.3

  • Fully Automated Modeling: One-click modeling is now available as part of Assisted Modeling, included in the Intelligence Suite. Kick back as your optimized machine learning pipeline comes to life to provide you with predictions on your dataset.
  • Snowflake Bulk Loader: OExperience increased agility between your data analytics and your data warehouse, eliminate extra processes and costs, and get your data where it needs to go faster.
  • Find and Replace: No more making tedious edits to details in your workflow. This new functionality in Alteryx Designer lets you search for certain words in an instant and easily swap them out all at once.

Participate in our new Public Preview Beta Program to test all upcoming functionality in one Designer build to get a sneak peek at what’s next to help shape the future of your favorite analytics platform.

For existing Alteryx customers, install your free upgrade today. If you’re brand new to Alteryx, take our Platform for a spin through our free trial.