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Whats New 2019.1

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New Alteryx Analytics 2019.1

Alteryx Analytics 2019.1 expands both our code-free and code-friendly capabilities for analysts and data scientists with robust reporting, multi-select caching, and enhanced Python Tool capabilities. This release also simplifies the admin experience with easier navigation and model deployment scaling to continue to make your analytics platform more thrilling for everyone who uses it.

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Broader code-free capabilities

Effortlessly make every insight a work of art and get it done faster.

  • Cache multiple points in your workflow: Select multiple tools to cache your data by only running the workflow once. Cache in on ridiculous time savings!
  • Customize every piece of the pie: Choose your pie chart colors and break out a layer in any chart using the Split functionality
  • Show ‘em what you really mean: Create stacked column and bubble charts that clearly communicate your insights

Code-friendly data science enhancements

Use Python to analyze bigger data and execute your code faster than you can read this sentence.

  • Process bigger and better data: Get support for spatial data and more than 2,000 column datasets in the Python Tool
  • Faster than your friends can copy and paste code from Stack Overflow: Execute your code faster and easier through the Production mode of the Python Tool

Simplified admin experience

Provide better user support without jumping through extra hoops.

  • Make great connections: Help users safely navigate the firewall with PAC proxy in the Download Tool and load metadata from Azure SQL in your Alteryx Connect data catalogue
  • Scale it up: Manage more than 3 nodes in Promote to scale your model deployment faster
  • Click less, see more: See your users faster and easier on the user tab of Alteryx Server