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Alter the Way You See Analytics

New Alteryx Analytics 2018.3

Alteryx Analytics 2018.3 empowers analysts and data scientists with visual insights at every step of their analytic process to get answers faster, bring insights to life and take analytics to the next level.

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The Visualytics you know and love now extends beyond inline so you can share your insights interactively


Bring insights to life faster — Easily create and customize popular chart types to share with stakeholders in interactive or static formats for deeper insight into your analysis

Provide full picture of insights – Combine multiple interactive charts together with the Insight Tool so when you drill down it reflects in all charts to show the whole enchilada

See your data as you build — Instantly validate the health, quality + statistical distribution of your data as you build your workflows



Meet every critical deadline and deliver answers faster than the speed of light.

caching workflow

Workflows at warp speed – Freeze your data at any point in the workflow so only changes run with new caching feature to drastically reduce processing time as you build your analysis

Deliver important answers first— Give each job a priority level and dedicate a specific node for jobs on Server so the C-suite answer is delivered before that weekly status report

Use tribal knowledge to your advantage – Share seamlessly between Designer + Connect with access to other resources in your organization through Designer’s search bar; plus, find automatically see other related assets in Connect with smart asset recommendation

caching workflow

Next Level Analytics

We've got code-friendly tools for better modeling and leveraging big data.

python tool

Big data, no problem! — Leverage the power of Spark within your workflows with in-database analytic connectors for Databricks on Azure and HDInsight

Harness the power of Python — Infuse your workflows with Python code from data scientists on your team using Python Tool with Jupyter Notebook integration within Designer

Dig deeper into your models — Visualytics extends to Promote for quick visual analysis into the health of your models and provides the ability to see every outcome to keep your models running smoothly

python tool