What's New 2019.4


See 20/20 with 2019.4 as we take off into the new year and begin solving your biggest business questions with better vision. In this release, visualize eye-catching data and results in more meaningful ways to interpret endless gigabytes of data. See it all and be captivated by the beauty of your analyses in 2019.4.

See Beyond Your Workflow

sql feature preview
  • Read in Hyper files now with the new Tableau Hyper API. You heard that right! Get hyped about the partnership between Alteryx and Tableau that brought you this new Input Data source.
  • See new text colors, a new font, save spaces and indentations, and even find your matching pairs of parentheses while you’re at it with enhanced SQL formatting.
  • Save time digging for that hidden value with a more granular Find function to search your workflow high and low in column names, expressions, annotations, and tool configurations.
  • On your marks, get set, analyze! Copy a table of data from anywhere and paste directly onto your canvas in Designer for a Text Input tool to automatically appear right before your eyes.
  • Perform calculations, such as count and sum, once you decide to create your chart in the Interactive Chart Tool. View charts in a way that makes sense to you and your team without any extra tools.


sql feature preview

Picture it with a New Lens

  • You’ll be lost without our next level maps by Mapbox. Use these new street and satellite imagery maps to answer questions like, what areas have the best natural features for cellular network optimization? Then, enrich your analysis by using Mapbox macros and calculate walking and biking distance from point A to point B.
  • Scale the power of your analytics by giving the right people in Server the ability to create collections and share every actionable insight to add to your office analytics culture.
  • Visually solve problems in your native language with official Italian support and Simplified Chinese in beta.
  • See data profiles for every column in your data set at a bird’s eye view and spot any outliers before digging into a specific profile, now in beta.

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