Use Case

Tax Apportionment


Companies develop time-consuming, error-prone processes to determine how each sale or transaction should be taxed and how to divide income among different states. Consolidate data sources and apply repeatable business rules to quickly calculate the right tax to pay.

Bottom-Line Returns

Accurately complete your tax apportionment process, saving time and money

Efficiency Gains

Cut the time you spend identifying and isolating data for tax apportionment

Top-Line Growth

Get the flexibility to make minor changes to your workflow that will greatly improve accuracy


Business Problem

Your finance team wastes valuable time devising and maintaining different methods of tax apportionment for different product types and different authorities. Attributing every transaction is daunting, painstaking work, and it’s hard to be certain that it’s been done correctly. Many companies relegate this task to ordinary spreadsheets, a practice that usually results in more mistakes than organizations can afford.

Alteryx Solution

A modern, analytics-based approach to tax apportionment applies enterprise connectivity to entire data sets of transaction data instead of mere sampling. You get consistent identification of taxable events through repeatable, visual business rules that can shorten the tax apportionment cycle from multiple workdays to less than one hour.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Connect to customer-level sales data from multiple sources
  • Prep and blend sales data to reflect region and type of transaction for correct tax code matching
  • Join tax tables to apply tax rates to transaction values and create standardized tables that have correct taxes applied across all markets
  • Automatically export applied tax tables and summary documentation for reporting

Office of Finance Starter Kit Example Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Automate connection to sales, zip code, and tax rate data

2 – Data Prep

Clean sales data and specify which taxes apply

3 – Automated Calculation

Apply tax rates at the transactional level


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